Pressure Vessel Rental – Short or Long term

The traditional way most other Industrial gas companies operate is that they install their own pressure vessel and then the customer receives product/gas from them throughout the contract. This ties your company into your gas supplier for the term of your contract and should the price of gas increase, which it will, you have no ability to get a competitive quote. This is where IGC Engineering’s pressure vessel rental service is different.

Gas Supply Contract

As we provide the pressure vessel, the installation and inspection under our contract you have the flexibility to choose your 3rd party company to supply the gas, giving you a more competitive edge. This is why so many companies are choosing to use an IGC Pressure Vessel. This flexible approach and our commitment to customer service and quality have enabled IGC to grow our business in a comparative market.

This, mixed with outstanding quality and company customer service, is the reason why IGC Engineering has grown to the extent it has today. If you are considering carrying out any trial work, or new applications whether it be for food, soft drinks, or any industrial process that would benefit from initial project work, without the need to commit to a long-term arrangement then IGC Engineering is able to assist.

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