CO2 Industrial Refrigeration Services

If you are in any industry, you will understand the importance of reliable refrigeration equipment related to CO2 pressure vessels, we offer a rapid repair and maintenance service provided by ourselves and Kool Planet. IGC Engineering prides it selves on meeting these objectives, at a cost-effective price.

You can be rest assured knowing that all of our staff are fully trained and accredited in every aspect of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning work. All of the work carried is carried out by Kool Planet and ourselves and is done so in accordance with the latest governing standards. As a member of REFCOM we can produce refrigerant log books that legislate with the new FGAS regulations.

Emergency Inerting Systems

These systems are essentially a new way of controlling possible fire threats on a massive scale within companies. The theory is that the CO2 will not react to the cause of the fire and the smog effect of the CO2 will just simply blanket over the fire.

The three components needed to create the combustion is heat, fuel and oxygen (known as the explosion triangle), so if you manage to eliminate one of these factors the ignition should be contained and eliminated. So in this case we would be removing the oxygen to the lowest percentage by injecting CO2 into the vicinity. You can be safe to do this as carbon dioxide is unresponsive and a very stable gas.

IGC can design this very specific complicated system and you can be sure that engineering components will be the highest quality. Once we have designed the system using one of our newly refurbished CO2 tanks, we can install the system and provide you with a full brief on how it works.

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