Pressure Vessel General Information

Pressure vessel general information

From 450-litre “mini tanks” to 60,000-litre pressure vessels, IGC has a storage tank to suit the needs of almost any industrial application.

High-pressure gasses & liquids

Many industrial processes require the use of high-pressure gases and liquids, and these must be safely stored. Using the wrong type of pressure vessel for the application of gas/liquid can present a substantial safety hazard and care must therefore be taken in vessel design and installation and that of the associated production system.

Pressure Vessel Design & Installation

IGC Engineering is an expert in this field. As a supplier and installer of pressure vessels for various gases including nitrogen, argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide, IGC has the necessary experience and expertise to ensure this vital equipment is specified, installed and maintained correctly. Procuring pressure vessels from IGC Engineering has a number of advantages:

Free site survey.

The first stage to ensuring the most practical and economical pressure vessel installation is for an IGC engineer to conduct a comprehensive site survey considering the number and sizes of the pressure vessels required, their location and how they fit into the wider production process.

Specification & Supply.

Armed with the site survey, IGC is in a position to accurately specify the pressure vessels needed for the application and supply these to the site.


The IGC service includes the installation of all pressure vessels and associated pipework by our own team of highly skilled engineers.


IGC is able to offer maintenance contracts for pressured vessels to ensure optimum safety and performance at all times.

Optional gas supply contract.

If the customer requires a total supply package, IGC is able to provide a gas supply contract with an installation; however, many customers prefer to take advantage of the best prices by buying gas on the open market, and IGC offers a high degree of flexibility by providing pressure vessels with or without a gas supply contract.

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