CO2 Meat & Poultry Stunning

Stunning animals, in particular pigs and poultry, are subject to obligatory regulation in the UK as well as other countries. Using CO2 in this process provides an ethical solution and avoids unnecessary pain or anxiety, fulfilling the requirements of various governing bodies and Animal Rights groups, and ensuring a better quality final product.

Controlled Atmosphere Meat & Poultry Stunning explained…

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) for meat and poultry can be applied in a multi- or single-stage process depending on the type of animal that is being stunned for produce. The whole CO2 stunning process involving a controlled atmosphere is cleaner than traditional stunning methods and also offers a better quality product – a consumer and business-friendly solution. COpressure vessels and tank systems from IGC are designed to cater perfectly for both pig stunning and chicken stunning, more details of which can be found below.

Advantages of CO2 in Controlled Atmosphere Meat & Poultry Stunning:

  • More cost-effective than other treatment methods
  • Less stress for workers
  • Less anxiety for the animals
  • Easy application
  • Inflicts less pain than other methods

Pig Stunning

Because it is now European Law that pigs have to be stunned before being slaughtered, using COfor pig stunning is considered to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in food production and the technique remains the most humane and reliable method of slaughter for the consistency in quality of pork, ham and bacon production. With pig stunning for quality pork produce in particular, COsaturates the atmosphere within an enclosed pen and, through a very quick single-stage process, desensitises and stuns the pig at the same time.

There are of course other ways to carry out pig stunning, but the advantages of using the COtechnique show that it is by far the best and most humane method when it comes to animal welfare with a kind and more relaxed way of stunning the pigs. This method also means that the quality and reliability of the meat is always consistent, and it is actually cheaper for larger companies. At IGC, we can use our newly refurbished COtanks and pressure vessels to create very clever systems to work whenever required and to minimise the loss of carbon dioxide product.

Chicken Stunning

In contrast to pig stunning, a multi-stage process is used for chicken stunning. This method involves low levels of CO2 being applied into the direct environment of the chickens to desensitise them before stunning them into an irreversible state of sleep. As mentioned above, this process of chicken stunning is cleaner than traditional methods and also offers better quality poultry produce.

Our Comprehensive Service Guide:

  • Sales centre of pressure vessels – outright purchase or rental
  • Vessel capacities from 120 Lt. up to 250 Tones
  • New and reconditioned pressure vessels
  • Re-insulation of  vessels and pipe work
  • Refurbishment of your own existing vessel
  • Engineering and servicing undertaken
  • Mixed Gas filling
  • Refrigeration design & super cooling systems
  • Contractual advice and negotiations
  • Contract crane hire
  • Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (from HSE)
  • CO2 extraction
  • Method statements, risk assessments and insurance-approved written schemes
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