Meat & Poultry Chilling

Maintaining cool temperatures within meat and poultry during all stages of production through to transit is crucial to preserving quality and decreasing bio-count.

Cryogenic Meat and Poultry Chilling explained…

Cryogenic Chilling (CC) uses CO2 as liquid, gas and dry ice to chill meat and poultry to safe levels, whether in batches, or continuously throughout the manufacture/production process. Using CO2 can save space, quality and bio-count in meat and poultry products within your business. COtanks and pressure vessels from IGC are the perfect solution within the meat and poultry sector for:

  • Pork Chilling
  • Red Meat Chilling

Advantages of CO2 in Meat & Poultry Cryogenic Chilling:

  • More cost-effective than other methods
  • Improved efficiency through quicker process
  • Improved quality of the meat i.e. redness, texture and freshness
  • Minimal chance of bacterial growth
  • Space saving
  • Low maintenance costs

Our Comprehensive Service Guide:

  • Sales centre of pressure vessels – outright purchase or rental
  • Vessel capacities from 120 Lt. up to 250 Tones
  • New and reconditioned pressure vessels
  • Re-insulation of  vessels and pipe work
  • Refurbishment of your own existing vessel
  • Engineering and servicing undertaken
  • Mixed Gas filling
  • Refrigeration design & super cooling systems
  • Contractual advice and negotiations
  • Contract crane hire
  • Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (from HSE)
  • CO2 extraction
  • Method statements, risk assessments and insurance approved written schemes
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