IGC Engineering Supplies Oxygen

Oxygen, a life-sustaining gas, is critical in the medical field and numerous industrial processes. IGC supplies industrial-grade Oxygen, ensuring the efficiency of industrial operations.

Industries That Use Oxygen

In industry, oxygen has numerous uses in many industries. The industries that use oxygen are widespread and varied. Here are some examples of where oxygen is used in industry.

  • Aerospace & Aircraft
  • Automotive & Transportation Equipment
  • Glass
  • Healthcare
  • Metal Production
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Welding & Metal Fabrication
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The Benefits of Industrial Supplied Oxygen

Oxygen has certain qualities that make it beneficial for industry. Some examples of these benefits are:

  • Increase combustion temperatures in blast furnaces
  • More combustion and destruction of hazardous and waste materials in incinerators
  • Lower costs for business
  • Increases the production capacity 
  • Reduces sulphur pollutants into the atmosphere
  • Reduces hydrogen sulphide formation, which results in reduced corrosion and odour
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Quality Assured

IGC, as an independent company, offers very affordable pricing for your business. With over 25 years of experience we have solutions for your business at every stage of your production, manufacture and retail processes. The high quality storage and supply services from IGC means that your business can operate in the most profitable and efficient way possible.

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