New CO2 Storage Tanks & Reconditioned Pressure Vessels

IGC Engineering provides a comprehensive service encompassing the design and production of pressure vessels, facilitated by our manufacturing site in Chorley, Lancashire. Our process typically adheres to PD5500 standards and, as needed, complies with the Pressure Equipment Directive (CE Marking).

The purpose-built facility includes the necessary workshop space and craneage to accommodate a wide range of sizes up to 4 metres in diameter x 22 metres long (2 tons to 250 tons capacity) The fabrication teams are fully qualified and experienced in all codes of welding and the use of the specialist alloy, low carbon steel and stainless steel materials used in the fabrication of high quality, high specification pressure vessels.

Pressure Vessel Inspections

Inspection authorities such as Lloyds, RSA and PSI Inspection, plus our own in-house quality and welding inspectors are always present to ensure the necessary codes and customers’ specifications are strictly adhered to and to provide the required third-party surveillance visits where required.

The modification of pressure vessels and customers’ individual requirements are carried out in this country, commencing with the vaporisations systems, refrigeration systems and control equipment. The refrigeration unit, if required, is mounted next to the vessel and installed by a qualified electrician and fridge specialist. All pressure vessels are commissioned and tested with the relevant pressure regulations.

As part of our commitment to the customer, we provide a service/rental agreement, where we are responsible for all the necessary equipment. This includes all the method statements, risk assessments and insurance-approved written schemes. This gives peace of mind in an area that is tightly monitored.

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