Different uses for CO2 supply

Carbon Dioxide, or CO2 as it is more commonly known, is an inert, odorless gas that both non-flammable and non-hazardous. It is thanks to these two properties that CO2 is a natural choice for many industries of today that require a reliable gas supply in order to operate correctly and manufacture high quality products.

As a leading provider of CO2 pressure vessels and storage tanks, as well as offering a gas supply on a no-contract basis, here at IGC we understand the many sectors and industries where a CO2 supply is essential.

From brewing to cleaning, here are just some of the different important uses of CO2:

Drinks Production

There are an endless amount of drinks available in today’s markets that have been produced using Carbon Dioxide. This is done through the process of carbonation, essentially adding bubbles to the liquid, making it fizzy, so any cold, fizzy beverage that you can think of (soft drinks, beer, cider, sparkling water), may well have been carbonated through a supply of CO2.

A CO2 supply for soft drinks, brewing, or fizzy water is not the sole method of achieving carbonation, but it does greatly speed up the process, especially with a reliable gas supply like the one provided by IGC. We are very proud of our gas supply service, and particularly that our offer of not being tied to a single gas contract.

Meat Production

Carbon Dioxide plays a big role throughout the whole procedure of both red and white meat production. Introduced prior to the slaughter of animals, a CO2 supply is used to stun pigs and poultry before they’re slaughtered, and is now compulsory under new European Law. CO2 supply for stunning is considered one of the biggest breakthroughs in food production, and remains the most human and ethical method of slaughter, also ensuring a consistent, high quality meat product.

When it comes to processing meat and poultry, exposure to ambient air can cause bacterial growth on fresh meat products. A CO2 supply therefore helps to combat this by maintaining cool room temperatures, and consequently preserves and safeguards the quality of all products.

IGC can offer a reliable CO2 gas supply for any meat production purpose, including cryogenic freezing to sustain different meats and poultry products at different temperatures when in transit or in storage, to again preserve the quality.

Growing Fruit and Veg

The process in which plants convert Carbon Dioxide into energy and Oxygen, known as photosynthesis, only works effectively when there are consistent levels of CO2. Therefore, in huge greenhouses where all different types of fruit and veg are grown, a CO2 supply for fertilisation maintains optimum CO2 levels all year round, regardless of the amount of crops.

A CO2 supply from IGC for growing strawberries, tomatoes, or any fruit or veg within a large facility, can increase both the quality and yield of crops, as well as a quicker harvest time thanks to the much-improved growth levels. We also offer greenhouse LEDs as one of our services as a modern alternative solution to triggering plant growth and improving nutritional value within a controlled farming environment.

Cryogenic Cleaning

Traditional methods of cryogenic cleaning commonly used water to clean surfaces, but Carbon Dioxide offers a whole new alternative that is especially beneficial for the food production industry. This form of gas supply is also referred to as dry ice blasting as it uses the solid form of CO2, known as dry ice, and blasts it onto a surface to clean it.

The idea behind using a CO2 supply for cryogenic cleaning is that heat is absorbed from surfaces through the process of CO2 transforming from a solid to a gas, so the dry ice can then easily remove the top layer of dirt, and continue in a similar manner with tougher layers underneath. This is just another of the options available with a gas supply from IGC.

If your business is suffering because of a current industry shortage of CO2 supply, or you are re-evaluating your existing gas supply contract, IGC can help. We can supply CO2 and other industrial gases for a range of purposes, including brewing, carbonation, food production and cryogenic cleaning, on a no-contract basis with the option to change supply whenever suits you. Get in touch today.

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