Pressure Tank Inspection and Repair service

The IGC Pressure Tank Inspection and Repair service offers the following

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Pressure Tank Refurbishment
  • Pipe Line Safety Audits
  • Pressure Tank Transportation
  • Crane lifts
  • Insulation & Pipe work Installation
  • 5 Year Insurance Inspection
  • Refrigeration Design

In response to the BCGA recommendations and the requests of many of our customers, IGC offers a comprehensive pressure tank inspection and repair service.

Our service covers both planned and unplanned maintenance and includes:

  • Certified external inspection, pressure/performance testing
  • Refurbish/repair-certified internal inspection, new active components, pressure/performance testing and ‘same as new’ warranty

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) recommends that pressure regulators are refurbished or replaced with new at least every five years. Also it is recommended that a pressure tank is inspected every 5 years.
Depending on gas properties, the type of application and the frequency of use, this could be necessary more often; for example 12 months for some particularly systems.

Routine checks/ Annual inspection

While in service, we would recommend that regulators are routinely checked, the electrical /steam and hot water vaporizers periodically examined, this also applies to any electrical control equipment that is supplying downstream gas.

5-year internal inspection

We offer full inspection services that are part of the written scheme, either as part of the rental arrangement, or if the pressure tank is customer owned we can provide internal vessel inspection and pressure testing of the vaporizers.

This service is extended if required to the relief valves and any other protective devices.
If you are undertaking a project that involves cryogenic / carbon dioxide pressure vessels and you are considering using alternative companies such as Cryoservice, Air Products, Messer, Air Liquide, Boc, etc, can I suggest that you allow IGC Engineering to discuss your requirements and thereby putting forwarded an independent engineering solution which ultimately will benefit you the customer.

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