Industrial Gas Suppliers

If you’re short on gas supply whether it be for brewing, growing or drinks production, get in touch with IGC today for a fast solution.

Every industry makes use of different types of electricity and gas equipment, and within these industries there are companies that use various industrial gases such as Carbon Dioxide, CO2 Nitrogen, and Oxygen. This is why companies prefer purchasing industrial gas in bulk, so they can achieve productivity at very low cost of production.

CO2 Supplies For Food, Beverage Industries

At IGC Engineering, we believe that we are the best in the business at providing industrial gas, and at very affordable rates. Beverages and food companies make use of CO2 and other industrial gases to preserve food and drinks over a period of time, with several gases often required in some of the largest companies where everything is stored at very high levels.

Industrial Gas Supplier Experience

As a customer, you need to be confident that the company, or gas suppliers, you are dealing with has experience in this field. For over 25 years, IGC have been manufacturing and installing high quality pressure tanks for industrial gases like CO2, as well as being highly competent in sourcing the right gas for you on a no contract agreement. Given our technical knowledge and practical know-how amassed over these years when faced with any application, we believe IGC to be a leading company that you, as a customer, can have complete confidence in, knowing that safety is our prime goal – no compromise.

Gas from IGC Pressure Vessels

Whatever your business, you may well have the need to use an industrial gas. These are normally contained in pressure vessels and tanks in order to safely supply the appropriate gases for your exact requirements, whether it be growing, brewing or cryogenic blasting.

The most common gases provided by gas suppliers and used in many businesses and manufacturing industries are:

Almost all businesses that cater to the public such as restaurants, pubs and night clubs have pressure vessels in-house, generally storing a supply of either Carbon Dioxide or mixed industrial gas such as CO2 and Nitrogen. None of these businesses would be able to offer the services that they do if they didn’t use industrial gas. Oxygen is another example commonly used in the public domain; in hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities that administer to patients, as well as being carried at all times in fire engines, ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

Most gas suppliers develop the right grade and the correct mixture for the right application of industrial gas. After all, every gas has its own properties which can be used to make energy or health saving benefits, not to mention how easy it can make our lives. What would we do without Carbon Dioxide to feed our tomatoes, dry ice for transportation of chilled goods, or oxygen for food presentation?

Conditions for gas supply

Most industrial gas is held in pressure vessels that are suitable for the conditions and application – this keeps them safe and secure under pressure, but using the right pressure vessel is crucial to your business.

Pressure vessel manufactures construct their pressure tanks under various codes. IGC are flexible and can accommodate the design to suit the client’s requirement, the most popular being Pressure Equipment Directive (Directive 97/23/EC) (PED), also known as ASME under the Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code in the United States and under BCGA recommendations in the UK. Each association works with suppliers of pressure vessels through a dialogue with the relevant government agencies.

In addition, IGC comply fully with the Health and Safety Executive to promote the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) to ensure both customer and operatives are working with in UK laws, and, more importantly, that they are aware safety and security is at the forefront of the design and manufacture.

After all, where would we be without?

As you can see, industrial gas is used in everything we do in life, so having the correct pressure vessel is important to the functionality of almost every business.

Get in touch with IGC for a quote about our gas storage solutions, and we can also liaise with verified gas suppliers to source you the correct and best supply.

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