IGC Supplies Dry Ice

Dry Ice, which is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide, has remarkable cooling and preservation properties. It is widely used in transportation, cold storage, and special effects. IGC supplies premium Dry Ice, ensuring your temperature-sensitive goods remain in optimal condition during transit and storage.

Industries That Use Dry Ice

There are many industries where dry ice is an essential part of their processes. Here are some examples of industries which use dry ice.

  • Cryogenic Cleaning
  • The Medical Industry
  • The Food Industry
  • Shipping Goods
  • Agriculture
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The Benefits of Dry Ice

The reason why dry ice is used in so many industries is due to its beneficial qualities. Here are some of the benefits of dry ice within industries.

  • Superior cooling
  • Cost-effective cleaning method
  • Less excess waste to clean up
  • Less manpower required
  • Faster process
  • Increased productivity through quicker turnaround of equipment
  • Environmentally-friendly solution
Use Dry Ice For Your Business

Quality Assured

IGC, as an independent company, offers very affordable pricing for your business. With over 25 years of experience we have solutions for your business at every stage of your production, manufacture and retail processes. The high quality storage and supply services from IGC means that your business can operate in the most profitable and efficient way possible.

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