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  • On the 26th of March 2024, we installed an 83-tonne CO2 tank for Brothers Cider. To date, this is IGC’s...

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  • IGC are delighted to say we had our best exhibition yet at this year’s BeerX in Liverpool. The event took...

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  • Controlled Atmosphere Stunning is a cutting-edge method used in the food processing industry, specifically for the humane stunning of animals...

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  • Rancidity refers to the development of off-flavours and unpleasant odours in fats and oils when they undergo oxidation or hydrolysis....

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  • IGC are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at BeerX 2024! SIBA’s BeerX is the UK’s biggest brewing...

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  • Carbon Dioxide, or CO2 as it is more commonly known, is an inert, odorless gas that both non-flammable and non-hazardous....

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  • Along with our experience of installing CO2  pressure vessels for a number of purposes, we also remove and transfer vessels when...

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  • We recently installed a CO2 pressure vessel tank for bottled water supplier Highland Spring. The CO2 is used for water carbonation in...

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  • We manufacture and install CO2 pressure vessels for food production and growing with two of our most recent installations being used...

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  • We recently installed a pressure vessel tank at a company for the purpose of chicken stunning. The idea behind this is...

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