CO2 Tanks for Sale

We have CO2 tanks for sale that are fully compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive. As a customer you need to be confident the company you are dealing with has experience in this field, we have over 20 years of experience, and as such we are a leading and competent company given technical knowledge and practical know-how whatever the application.

You can expect, as a customer, to be confident in the knowledge that safety is our prime goal- no compromise.

CO2 Tanks

Our CO2 tanks for sale can accommodate from .5 tons to 250 tons capacity. They are fully tested and certified before they leave our manufacturing plant. All codes of welding are adhered to by our specialist and in-house welding inspectors. We maintain all necessary codes and adhere to your specifications.

We also provide a third-party specialist to oversee the fabrication, when needed. We only use the highest quality alloy, low carbon steel along with stainless steel material for our pressure vessels. You can choose CO2 tanks from new or reconditioned vessels.

All our pressure vessels can be modified to your requirements including vaporizers, refrigeration, and control equipment.

CO2 Tank Installation

We instruct one of our qualified installation engineers to supervise the installation of your CO2 tanks.

They will be fully tested for relevant pressure regulations during installation. As a company we offer full method statements and risk assessments, which extend to contract lifts for cranes and transport.

Once on your site, we will install the carbon dioxide vessel, pressure test the relevant equipment and commission the unit to ensure a long-term service.

IGC Engineering gives you peace of mind.  As a safety-conscious company, we will look after the necessary statutory requirements (PED) for the CO2 tanks in your workplace, this includes all the necessary equipment to monitor and assess any risks to you and your employees. We as a company uphold all the necessary assessments that need to be carried out, so you can be confident when you purchase one of our CO2 tanks.

CO2 Tank Service Agreeement

Our commitment to you is to provide a service agreement to maintain all the necessary equipment you need on a pressure vessel. That includes the method statement, risk assessment and insurance schemes.

So if you have a requirement of a pressure vessel for your business, contact us today for a quote. We also have rentals and services such as maintenance agreements you’ll be interested in when you purchase your new COtank.

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