CO2 supply for Soft Drinks

Is your business in need of a gas supply for soft drinks to help with production? IGC can supply CO2 for soft drink carbonation and wastewater treatment without your business being tied to a single gas supplier.

It’s all part of the comprehensive service guide from IGC Engineering – not only will we design, manufacture and install a CO2 pressure vessel that is perfectly tailored to your requirements, we will also be your CO2 gas supplier. This way you can rest assured that your CO2 for soft drinks carbonation is professionally stored and supplied thanks to a company with many years of experience in the industry.

To ensure your business operates as efficiently as possible, IGC provides CO2 storage and supply for the following processes:

As well as supplying CO2 for soft drinks purposes, our comprehensive service guide also includes the rental or outright purchase of CO2 pressure vessels, re-insulation of CO2 pressure tanks and pipework, complete refurbishment of your own existing pressure vessel, contract crane hire, and experienced advice on all contractual issues and negotiations.

Contact us today to find out more about your options of CO2 supply for soft drinks production after a CO2 pressure vessel has been installed at your facility.

Quality Assured Gas Supply from IGC

CO2 is one of the purest methods of production available for the food and drink markets of today. IGC, as an independent gas company, offers very affordable pricing for your business. With over 25 years of experience, we have solutions for your business at every stage of your production and retail processes. The high-quality CO2 storage and gas supply services from IGC means that your business can operate in the most profitable and efficient way possible.

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