CO2 supply for Brewing

For a large supply of CO2 for large-scale brewing purposes, IGC have the storage facility and gas to suit your requirements on a no-contract basis. Both efficient and reliable, we can supply CO2 for brewing so your production always runs smoothly and deadlines are always met.

At IGC, we understand that many breweries require large quantities of gas to carbonate the liquid in the production process of many beverages, as well as the importance of sticking to tight schedules and adhering to strict deadlines. Therefore, not only do we manufacture and install a bespoke CO2 pressure vessel at your facility that matches your brewing requirements, we also work with gas suppliers to source a CO2 supply for brewing that allows your brewery to hugely speed up the production process.

To help with your CO2 supply for brewing and full business efficiency, IGC offer:

We understand that every brewery will have a different set of needs, so that is why we offer such a vast range of CO2 pressure vessels as part of our comprehensive service guide. While renting a CO2 tank from IGC may be ideal for one customer, the outright purchase of a brand-new CO2 tank may be the ideal solution for another. We are especially proud to offer you the option of not being tied to a single gas contract.

Contact IGC today to find about more about our bespoke services and CO2 supply for brewing and all production processes.

Quality Assured Gas Supply from IGC

CO2 is one of the purest methods of production available for the food and drink markets of today. As an independent gas company with over 25 years of experience, IGC offers very competitive rates for your business and reliable solutions every time. We assure our customers that our CO2 supply for brewing is just one of the many CO2 storage and gas supply services from IGC that allow your business to operate most profitably and efficiently as possible.

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