CO2 Storage Tanks by IGC Engineering

CO2 storage tanks have been used for many years. Today, you have a vast choice for all your pressure applications, whether you’re a small product designer or a large, multi-national corporation. We have the pressure vessels you need for your business.

As a customer you need to be confident the company you are dealing with has experience in this field, we have over 20 years of experience, as such we are a leading and competent company given technical knowledge and practical know how, whatever the application. You can expect as a customer, to be confident in the knowledge that safety is our prime goal- no compromise.

CO2 Pressure Vessels

Customers are aware a pressure vessel is a container that holds a source of liquefied gas such as, oxygen, and nitrogen, carbon dioxide CO2.  These can range in pressure from 0 – 30 bar and temperatures ranging from -197 to ambient. Choosing the right CO2 storage tanks is important to your business.

Our pressure vessels, especially our CO2 storage tanks, are compliant to all known regulatory bodies with in the UK, Europe and USA. Before 1980, you had the choice of weather proofing by using mastic or fiberglass outer jackets. Of course, many of these tanks are still used today, but white aluminum jackets were introduced in the early 1980s. These pressure vessels were more durable and long-lasting.

Today we supply a range of single skin or vacuum insulated vessels in accordance to Pressure Equipment Directive (Directive 97/23/EC) (PED)

What would be better for your business than CO2 storage tanks that are recognised nationally and nationally supported with service engineers all around the UK. If you’re in the business of manufacturing food goods, chilled food, growing tomatoes, soft drinks, brewing or even mixed gas, you need a pressure vessel you can trust. IGC Engineering fulfills that task safely.

CO2 Pressure Vessel Material

Our CO2 storage tanks are made from either low temperature carbon steel or stainless steel with a weather proof jacket surrounding them. They stay in like-new condition after many years. We offer a service plan to insure the life of the vessel is kept with the written schemes Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR)

Our pressure vessels are tested by our in-house quality and welding inspectors before they even leave our facility. Fully designed to meet PD5500 and Pressure Equipment Directive (CE Marking) standards, you will have total confidence with the supply and installation of your CO2 storage tanks.

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