About Our Industrial Gas & Storage Solutions Service

It all started with one individual’s 25-year industry experience with the vision to create a new service provider to drive the company forward and bring competition for the nationally based industrial gas suppliers.

As a result, IGC Engineering has evolved from a small company into now being an established engineering company that is recognised as one of the largest carbonated gas tank installers in the UK. We are based in the North West and provide a huge range of gas storage solutions to clients all over the country and beyond.

We pride ourselves on having an outstanding track-record, a satisfied customer base, and, most of all, exceptional gas tank and pressure vessel installations in terms of quality and efficiency. But that’s not all. With many years of pushing the boundaries and bringing change to the industry, IGC also provide gas tank contract rentals to clients who were previously bound to one company for their gas and tank business.

We are an independent gas company who are all about modern, effective solutions that are perfectly tailored to your unique requirements.

IGC have also been featured in Gasworld Magazine in an article that focused on our gas storage and supply services, particularly our ability to supply CO2 and other industrial gases on a no-contract basis to benefit your company. You can read more here and view the full article on Gasworld here.

Does your company use any industrial gas related to the following industries?

  • Brewing & Beverages (incl. carbonation for beer, cider, larger, soft drinks & water).
  • Food Processing (incl. food chilling, freezing & cooling).
  • Meat & Poultry (incl. fish & seafood).
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).
  • Cylinder Filling / Mixed Gas (incl. filling plants & fire extinguishers).
  • Welding & Cutting (incl. plasma cutting & powder coating).
  • Electronics (incl. testing of semi-conductors & environmental test chambers).
  • Metals Engineering & Manufacture (incl. foundry & aluminium degassing).
  • Environmental Technology (incl. water treatment & pH control).
  • Chemical & Petrochemical (incl. on-site gas production & cryogenic grinding).
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare (incl. temperature controlled transport & transport cooling).
  • Metallurgy & Heat Treatment
  • Plastics, Paint & Rubber.
  • Glass & Ceramics (incl. glass transformation).
  • Horticulture (incl. growing fruit, tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers).
  • Dry Ice & Dry Ice Pellets (incl. slices for food freezing & blast cleaning).
  • Pig Stunning & Chicken Stunning

If so, a CO2 pressure vessel or gas tank from IGC could make a real difference to your company.

We also understand the complexities involved with gas suppliers and gas contracts, so we go the extra mile for you to source the correct the amount of gas for your requirements without being tied to a contract. From the manufacture to complete installation, you can be sure that IGC have a fantastic solution just for you.

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