We're a leading independent supplier of pressure vessels for Carbon Dioxide and Industrial Air Gases with over 25 years experience of both manufacturing and installing gas pressure vessels.

Industrial Gas Suppliers & CO2 Storage Solutions

IGC are a leading supplier of pressure vessels and gas storage solutions to businesses throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and North Africa.  Operating out of our Lancashire production facility, we can supply gas to suit your requirements alongside our built-to-last pressure tanks.

Our expertise encompasses various industrial sectors including brewing, welding, food production, soft drink carbonation and nuclear purposes.

As an independent supplier, we won’t lock you into lengthy contracts for your supply of gas or engineering solutions and provide a cost-saving alternative to the major gas suppliers.

In addition to engineering pressure vessel systems, IGC offers a wide range of services and supplies for the following gases: Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Nitrous Oxide. We provide you with the option of not being tied to a gas contract with your new pressure vessel, and can even source gas from gas suppliers to meet your requirements after installation is complete.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for a reliable CO2 supply for carbonation, growing, food processing, pH control and cryogenic cleaning.

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We’re an independent gas supplier

Alongside our pressure vessel solutions, we supply the highest quality gases used across a range of industries.  Please contact us with your exact requirements and find out how much we can save you.

Industrial Gases

We supply gases commonly used across multiple manufacturing industries. From welding and cutting through to purging gases.

Beverage Gases

For our clients working in soft and alcoholic production, we supply both pure and mixed beverage gas and competitive prices

Bulk Gases

Contact us if you need large volume food grade carbon dioxide and argon gases supplied to your premises.

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Learn more about IGC Engineering and the work we have done, find out more about the businesses we have helped and what IGC can do for your business.

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